What you need to know about water Baptism


estin Assembly provides you with the opportunity to follow in the steps of being water baptized. Water Baptism is an outwardly expression of what Jesus has done on the inside of your life. You are showing everyone around you that there has been a change take place in your life. We have baptismal services quarterly during the year that take place on the first Sunday of the month.

Fill out form and the church office will contact you to let you know when the next Water Baptism service will be.

                 Here are a couple of things to have with you during this special time

                 1. Dark Clothing

                 2. Towel

                 3. Change of clothes

                 4. Written Testimony

What you need to know about Baby Dedication


aby Dedication If you have a child or newborn baby and you want an opportunity to dedicate your child to God.

                 Baby Dedication is what you want to do. Just like Hannah in the bible, she prayed and prayed for a son and she told the Lord “If he would bless her with a son she would dedicate him back to God.” This is a precious ceremony our Pastor does during the morning worship service. We only do baby dedications on fifth Sundays of the year. Just fill  out form and we can contact you to arrange a month for you.

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